At TWIK we can accommodate up to 396 pupils with an expansive 10,000sqm campus. Our kindergarten includes a Mini forest reserve, three outdoor play spaces, three STEAM Maker Workshops, a dance and music studio, 11 cozy dormitories and a well-resourced library. Each of our areas are fully-equipped, and we have bright, productive and inviting Montessori and TWIK-C international classrooms, where children focus on developing cognitive flexibility, attention to detail and develop important collaboration skills.

TWIK includes the latest safety technology including a keyless, facial recognition entrance system, a supply call station in the entrance, faculty and staff badge system, 24-hour security guards, access control and visitor protocol, fire alarms, extra locks and intruder alarms during the night, and a video surveillance system, which is always accessible through our secure parent portal. In addition, there is a healthcare office, with fully trained personal and a modern equipped kitchen to promote a healthy and safe learning environment for young children.