TWIK-C is built on creating a curriculum of academic excellence and maximizing the potential of each child. The class will be a mixture of child led and teacher led activities, is designed to produce reflective, motivated and most importantly, children that are ready to access further development for next stage confidently and independently, that including daily maths, English, Science, STEAM, emotional and social development and the understanding of diversified international culture.

Learning will be spiral, which means that they will consolidate their learning during the year and increase the difficulty of each challenge. Pre-set teaching plans and goals, which are at least the goals children should achieve in this year’s learning, but if the child is already able to meet the standards, the learning will become more challenging according to each child’s ability to extend maximum potential of the child. Weekly newsletter for parents will reflect the detailed learning activities for the whole week and the upcoming plan for next week. The develop evaluation and assessment of your child will be continuous throughout the year and we will feedback progress during parents evening.